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Pool Opening


After a long and cold Saskatchewan winter, everyone can't wait to get out and enjoy our beautiful Spring and Summers.....Pool owners are no exception!

Let Pool Buoys help get your warm weather pleasures with our Pool Opening packages.


Standard Pool Opening Service includes:

  • Removal of debris and pumping water off from the winter cover
  • Cleaning, folding and removing the winter cover
  • Scrubbing the water line
  • Re-installing any pool equipment, such as slides, diving boards and ladders
  • Removal of all winterizing material, such as line antifreeze, plugs, etc.
  • Re-assembly and inspection of the filtration system
  • Shocking the water with chlorine (extra charge if we provide the chemical) 
  • Vacuum the pool and remove debris. (If the water is not clear, the pool requires additional maintenance visits.)
  • Start-up the pool heater. (Heater will be inspected and started up) 

If your pool is not already full of water, we will begin filling it and test/check all your equipment to make sure it's working correctly and then turn it off. (After the pool fills to at least 3/4 of skimmer level, you will need to turn the equipment back on.)


Extras (not included in the Standard Pool Opening Services, additional charges to be applied)

  • Chemical treatment for green or brown water (additional visit). If the water in your pool is not clear it needs to be treated with chemicals to kill any algae in it before the pool can be fully opened.
  • Attached Waterfall. (Cleaning and start-up of an attached waterfall.)
  • Attached Spa (Cleaning and start-up of an attached spa.)
  • Solar System (Start-up of an attached solar system.)
  • Opening Chemical Kit